Hear Rob Kersey of Psychostick Lend Voice To Animated Series

Rob "Rawrb" Kersey of comedy metal act Psychostick has made an appearance in the latest episode of Youtube web series X-RL7 - a cyberpunk animated show and music project which features cameos from various musicians from the rock and metal scene. Kersey takes on the role of loud-mouth party loving metal fanatic Sean "The Shouter" McShucker - a former drinking buddy of the band manager Alfie as he proceeds to test his sobriety.

The episode also features voice acting from Lauren Babic (Red Handed Denial and Crazy88)  reprising her role as the sassy metal vocalist Kim Claws, as well appearances from Lee Towson (MiXE1), Lawrie Bayldon (Studio-X), Brdigette Hill (Studio-X) and Alan Rogers (Project Anything).

Check out the episode on Youtube here:  https://youtu.be/4ftgfg3hbro

The series, created by Mike Evans of UK based electronic rock act MiXE1, chronicles the exploits of the fictional band X-RL7 in a mix of comedy, social commentary and original music. The series features appearances from members of bands such Psychostick, Aesthetic Perfection, Nyxx, D.R.U.G.S. and many more!

New episodes are released every two weeks with Behind The Scenes content and Lyric videos released in between.

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The band X-RL7 Meet Sean McShucker


Sean convinces Alfie that partying is the way

X-RL7 rocking out on stage with Kim