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Hear Aesthetic Perfection Lend Voice To Animated Music Series X-RL7

Daniel Graves of industrial pop act Aesthetic Perfection has made an appearance in the latest instalment of web series X-RL7 - a cyberpunk animated show and music project which features cameos from various musicians from the alternative scene. Graves voice acts and sings as the character Devy Devine - an arrogant, image-focused music producer whom is quick to point the finger at others for "frontin'".

Check out the episode here:

Devy's song "Digital Deities" (featuring vocals from Graves) has been released on the "Digital Deities" EP which also  features remixes from Machine Rox, FragileChild and Studio-X.

The Digital Deities lyric video is available here:


The series, created by Mike Evans of UK based electronic rock act MiXE1, chronicles the exploits of the fictional band X-RL7 in a mix of comedy, social commentary and original music. New episodes are released every two weeks with Behind The Scenes content and Lyric videos released in between.

Keep up to date with X-RL7's sites:






Official Website:


X-RL7 - Studio v2.png

X-RL7 in the studio with Devy Devine


Devy Devine performing on stage

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